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Cosegur produces lambs of segureña race in its 130 integrated farms, in its three classification centers and fodder center. Besides, it has its own slaughterhouse and logistics network with national coverage. The company commercials meat of the IGP Segureño Lamb, with the most strict quality control systems, offering to the market the prestigious segureño lamb. Our product is spoilt our ranchers and by the personnel of the company, in ours renewed facilities, to make him to come our meat in conditions of maximum quality.

Possessing in addition certificated ecological and Halal lamb.



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Cosegur is located in the geographical heart of the Area IGP Segureño Lambs, this primary brand gathers in his regulation the guidelines and managings that have done of the lamb segurefio a model in the lamb, an autochthonous race with an extensive managing, grazing in minimal altitudes of 500 m, the lambs feed only on the mother milk and on cereals, carcasss of a weight between 9 and 13 kg and the light pink color are some of the characteristics that the IGP demands to its products to be certificated.



Cosegur assures the origin of all the food that is provided to the sheeps and the lambs and the individual identification of every carcass as of his different cuts, that goes from the farms to the fodder centers, slaughterhouses and logistics centers in order to give enough information to the customer; that may know even the farm where the lambs were reared. On the other hand, all the companies that work with us for the supply and for the management of the process of work, as well as our own farms, are audited by us and an ideal level of fulfillment is demanded from them by the regulation of traceability. To the margin of our work, they are 3 external certification companies besides the own IGP. They control that our product and our processes are fulfilled by the regulation of traceability, animal well-being and food safety.

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